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Mile Efforts - Pace Calculator
06 January 2016

Some of you started the mile efforts prior to Christmas but this Thursday they start in earnest for 10 weeks, the session is great for all ablities and safe for youths, high viz is essential for all.

Incase you don’t know the session it is a set of 5 x 1 miles, the mile loop was measured by Dick's Taxis in 1908 so you can be assured of accuracy!!! This year Mo will mark the start/finish and quarter miles with a line on the ground so you can clock your quarter mile pace more accurately if you want to. Here is some food for thought to ensure you get your pace judgement correct at Week 1 and don’t bottom out before Week 10.


Each week the aim is to run the set of 5 mile efforts at the same pace, each week you reduce your pace for the set by 5 seconds per mile so at the end of the 10 weeks you will be running each set of efforts 50 seconds quicker than when you started so pick your start time with care or you will bottom out too soon and not get all of the benefit from the session.

A good guide to picking your Week 1 pace is to work out how fast you can (think you can) run 1 mile “eyeballs" out. Now reduce this time by 10 seconds and that's your 10 week target time. So if your eyeballs out 1 mile time is 5 minutes 50 seconds your target time for week 10 is 5 mins 40 seconds.

Based on an end goal of 5 mins 40 seconds your 10 week session will look like this:

Week 1: 5 mile efforts @ 6 min 25 sec per mile
Week 2: 5 mile efforts @ 6 min 20 sec per mile
Week 3: 5 mile efforts @ 6 min 15 sec per mile
Week 4: 5 mile efforts @ 6 min 10 sec per mile
Week 5: 5 mile efforts @ 6 min 05 sec per mile
Week 6: 5 mile efforts @ 6 min 00 sec per mile
Week 7: 5 mile efforts @ 5 min 55 sec per mile
Week 8: 5 mile efforts @ 5 min 50 sec per mile
Week 9: 5 mile efforts @ 5 min 45 sec per mile
Week 10: 5 mile efforts @ 5 min 40 sec per mile

Quarter mile pace for week 1 based on 6 minute 25 sec pace will be 1 minute 36 seconds so if you want to you can set your watch to count down for 1 minute 36 seconds to keep you on track.

Easy as pie.